Welcome to the complex Summers family tree. Look around and see if this helps clear up the confusion the Summers family can cause after reading the tenth comic and finding yet another member of the Summers family *G*.
Here IŽll only include the basic;
---- means "married to"
- - - - means " in love with"

Jean Grey's family:

John and Elaine Grey
2 children:
1) Sara----Paul
2) Jean Grey ( Phoenix 1)
Sara have 2 children:
1) Joey
2) Gailyn

Scott Summers family:

Philip and Deborah Summers
1 child:
Christopher Summers (Corsiar) ----Kate ( deceased). Chris- - - - Hepzibah
2 ( maybe 3) children:
Scott Summers ( Cyclops)
Alex Summers ( Havoc) - - - - Lorna Dane ( Polaris)
Another brother? Maybe Remy ( Gambit) [I hope this is true. It would be so great] ( hinted by Sinister)
Kate may have gotten a child with D'Ken:
1 child:

Scott Summers:

Married twice ( so far)
First wife: Madelyne Pryor ( clone of Jean Grey made by Sinister)
They have 2 children ( counting Stryfe):
1) Nathan Christopher Summers ( Cable)----Aliya
2) Nathan Summers ( Stryfe) ( clone of Nathan Christopher Summers ( Cable))
Nathan Christopher Summers ( Cable) have one child:

Scott Summers and Jean Grey:

Scott marries a second time after Madelyne`s death:
Scott Summers ----Jean Grey
They have 2 children:
1) Rachel Summers ( Phoenix 2) ( from a possible future)
2) Nate Grey ( X-man) ( made by Sinister from Jean and Scott's DNA in another timeline; AoA)
Rachel Summers ----Franklin Richards ( in a possible future. Franklin is the child of Reed and Sue Richards of the Fantastic Four)
Rachel have one child:
John Reed Richards ( Hyperstorm)

See? That wasn't so bad, was it? *smiles*
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