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In memory of the 1000s of lives lost in Thailand, India and Sri Lanka due to the tsunami. You can help: Tsunami Relief.

Recent years terrorist acts and wars have proved how important global peace, equal rights and religious tolerance - for all and from all with no exceptions - is. Click here for information on religions and 'hot' issues like same-sex marriage rights.

In memory of the lives lost in Spain. May the world soon know peace and tolerance everywhere.

In loving memory of Anna Lindh, F.M. of Sweden, taken away from her great nation far too soon in a meaningless act of violence. Rest in peace.

In fond memory of a beloved friend and writer; Bani, lost to us on 23th November 2001. I'll miss you, lov. Rest in peace.

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March 8:Women around the world are being treated as less than equal to men. Help stop this discrimination by remembering women and their equal worth on this day.
April 13: Day Of Silence. Remember all the victims of anti-gay hate/violence and discrimination by keeping a day of silence for these victims who suffer in silence. Read more about what events is happening near you here
April 22: Earth Day. Help protect the Earth and animals anywhere.
December 1: AIDS Day. Help find a cure and help the people suffering from this terrible illness.


Ultimate Cyclops

This site is dedicated to fan fiction and info about Scott Summers, also known as Cyclops from the X-men. You can also find lot of James Marsden info and images!

Webmistress for "X-men Hero: Cyclops" is . I'll like to acknowledge all the great work that Minerva did for this page. Without her this page would never have been. I owe you everything, Minerva. Thanks for helping me out. I'll also like to thank Michele, L. Burke, Mysterio Gal and Shadowcat Rules for their great help. You have all been so wonderful! Thanks. A special and very big thanks goes to Kim; without you I could never have remade this page. A special thanks to Eriq who redid this page for me. You're the greatest! Hugz and thanks to you! Also thanks so much to Draken for helping me with the backup *blows kisses*.


Last updated on 14/12/2008 ~~~~ Make love; not war~~~~ Support equal rights; sign the petition for equal marriage rights! (click here!) ~~~~Newest updates at the end of this page~~~

05/01/2005, 13:51: 10 new fanart images, all S/L by Altair in Japanese style; beautiful! 2 new fics: "Dragonfly" by Blueprint in Scott/Logan and "Anytime" Pinkchick in Scott/Jean.

14/01/2005, 16:12: New fanfic: "Fly the PassiveAggressive Skies" by ridesandruns in Scott/Logan, "The Presence of Horses" by ridesandruns in Scott/Jean, "Great Scott" by ridesandruns in Scott/Jean, "Firebird Rising" by by Jenskott in Scott/Jean and "Sightless, Into the Sun" by Mnemosyne in Scott/Other M.

03/02/2005, 12:39: 1 new fanfic link. New fanfic: "Confessions of an Ex Boy Scout" by Sparklagal in Scott, "Tyger, tyger, burning bright" by Paradigm se7en in Scott/Jean, "Rosecolored Wings" by Redclia in Scott/Other M, "Naughty Thoughts" by Kitsu Lebeau in Scott/Other M, "The Accused" by Red Eyed Cajun in Scott, "I live for you" by Dyce in Scott/Jean, "Purity" by Dyce in Scott, "The bat" by Loki in Original Poetry, "Forgive me" by Loki in Original Poetry and "Alone" by Loki in Original Poetry.

05/03/2005, 09:03: 1 new X-men link, several new human rights links. New fanfic: "His Father's Eyes" by AD Price in Scott

23/03/2005, 09:32: 2 new fanfics: "The Real Outlook" Havana girl in Scott/Ororo and "Hanging By A Moment" by Slickboy444 in Scott/Jean. New human rights links added.

10/05/2005, 11:43: New links to Cyke, general X-men and X-men fanfics. 7 new fanfics: "Bedroom Proposals" by Wildcat1222 in Scott/Jean, "Shameless" by TPolTucker in Scott/Rogue, "Life in The Fast Lane" by TPolTucker in Scott/Rogue, "Raven's Gratitude" by Cyndra in Scott/Logan, "Returning Spring" by Mo in Scott/Logan, "Reminiscences" by Mo in Scott/Logan and "A Time To Every Purpose" by Mo in Scott/Logan
Run Scott! Run!

28/05/2005, 12:33: By request of the author all Blueprints fics (Scott/Logan and Scott/Other M) has been removed. Please remember to send authors FB and compliment them on their work. They need to know you value their writing!

01/07/2005, 12:02: New Cyclops links and one new affiliate added.

10/08/2005, 19:30: New fanfic added: "Rising From the Ashes" by Evilerk in Scott/Logan, "What’s Past is Prologue" by Mo in Scott/Logan, and "Losing Control" by Darkestangel in Scott/Logan

21/12/2005, 17:16: 1 new affiliate. New fanfic added: "This Pain's Too Strong" by Balthasar in Scott/Logan, "Convince Me To Live" by Balthasar in Scott/Logan, "Banishing Shadows" by Jenskott in Scott/Jean, "The Year-Long One-Night Stand" by Karen in Scott/Rogue, "Having Writ, Moves On" by Mo in Scott/Logan, "Leather Bonding" by Nari in Scott/Logan, "Canadian Leather" by Nari in Scott/Logan, "Sweet Lies" by Nari in Scott/Logan, "Battle Lines" by Nari in Scott Summers, "Questions" by Nari in Scott Summers, "Invasion" by Nari in Scott Summers and "Invaders" by Nari in Scott Summers. Merry Christmas/happy holidays and happy New Year.
Evolution Scott! Cool, isn't he? *G* Please don't take any scans from this page without asking first. Thanks!

28/02/2006, 17:45: Some broken fanfic links fixed.

28/03/2006, 14:08: "Laundry Day" by Vera added to Scott/Logan.

02/06/2006, 16:38: One last time: This webpage, like myself, believe in the words of freedom of expression! If you do not like something, like slash, then don't read it! It's that simple. I don't tell you what to do so you have no right to tell me - so stop annoying me, stop playing God and take your hatred to some place where such an emotion is appriciated....maybe the KKK is hiring? Geesh! *shakes head*! Anyway, to the updates. Broken image links in the gallery plus broken fanfic links mixed. If there are other broken links please mail me with where the broken link is. Thanks! New fanfic: "Megan" by Marie Nomad in Scott, "Telling the Family" by Marie Nomad in Scott, "Tainted Hearts" by Diamond Jedi in in Scott, "The First Time" by Rachel Martin in in Scott, "Asleep in Armageddon" by Erika in Scott/Other M, "Before night is through" by Cyndra in Scott/Logan and "To Honor..." by Cyndra in Scott/Logan. New Cyclops links added. A new URL is up for my Boromir and Alexander webpages.

27/06/2006, 11:50: "Summers in a Sea of Glory" by Mo added to Scott/Logan. One new general fanfic link added to the links page. Have a nice summer!

17/07/2006, 18:43: A new gallery with outtakes from the 2 first X-men movies has been uploaded.

27/08/2006, 19:19: 1 new fanfic: "Boy Scout" by WCUGirl in Scott/Logan.

30/08/2006, 11:18: 7 new fanfics: "To Love Is A Choice" by Miss Maia in Scott/Jean, "Some Days" by Mrs.Jean Grey-Summers in Scott/Jean, "Shooting Stars" by Diaz F in Scott/Jean, "Home Alone" by Diaz F in Scott/Jean, "What He Always Wanted" by Telepathic Angel in Scott/Jean, "The Adventures Of Cyclops And Havok" by Idaho in Scott and "From the Ashes by Vera in Scott/Logan

07/09/2006, 16:07: 1 new fanart added to the gallery, 1 new fanfic: "Twenty Things you Might not Know about Scott Summers" by Likeadeuce in Scott

10/09/2006, 10:09: 1 new fanfic: "Closet Skeletons" by WCUGirl in Scott/Logan

02/12/2006, 18:53: I hope you all remembered AIDS Day yesterday. 2 new fanfic: "Angel Eyes" by WCUGirl and "Intent Is Everything" by Maggie the cat in Scott/Logan

09/12/2006, 11:53: "Love Reawakened" by Lady Tyger Eyez in Scott/Logan, "Fire Inside the Ice" by Lady Tyger Eyez in Scott/Logan, "A New Breed" by Lady Tyger Eyez in Scott/Logan and "The First Gift of Christmas" by WCUGirl in Scott/Logan.

18/01/2007, 19:43: Link to Cyclops song vid added to Multimedia in Scott Summers section (near the end of the Multimedia page). "Past and to Come" by Mo added to Scott/Logan and "Not Gonna Be A Part Of Their Game" by Arial-Cyan added to Scott in the fanfic section. My Boromir webpage has moved to: http://herosjourney.50megs.com/

13/02/2007, 11:20: This webpage is 6 years old today so to celebrate you get an update. New fanfic added: "The Twin Greys" by Slickboy444 in Scott/Jean, "Phoenix Destiny" by Slickboy444 in Scott/Jean, "Heart of the Phoenix" by Slickboy444 in Scott/Jean, "Eternal Flame" by Slickboy444 in Scott/Jean, "Between Life and Death" by Slickboy444 in Scott/Jean, "The Spice of Love" by Slickboy444 in Scott/Jean, "Date Night Uncut" by Slickboy444 in Scott/Jean, "It's The Thought That Counts" by Slickboy444 in Scott/Jean, "My Friend, My Lover" by Slickboy444 in Scott/Jean, "Danger Room Deviance" by Slickboy444 in Scott/Jean, "Practice Makes Perfect" by Slickboy444 in Scott/Jean, "To Make A Kitty Purr" by Slickboy444 in Scott/Jean, "Porn Shop Playtime" by Slickboy444 in Scott/Jean, "Banging Boom Boom" by Slickboy444 in Scott/Jean, "Mind Blowing" by Slickboy444 in Scott/Jean and "Sex on the Beach" by Slickboy444 in Scott/Jean

12/08/2007, 11:27: Link to Cyclops song vids added to Multimedia in Scott Summers section (near the end of the Multimedia page). 1 new Jean link added. Broken fanfic links in Scott/Other M and Scott/Logan fixed. New fanfic added: "Crimson Tears" by flextronic in Scott/Ororo, "Shooting star: Where you belong" by flextronic in Scott/Ororo, "Kiss the girl: Just Do It" by flextronic in Scott/Ororo, "Lament" by flextronic in Scott/Ororo, "There's No Such Thing as a Free Lunch" by Eoen in Scott/Logan, "Kiss Me, Kill Me" by Eoen in Scott/Logan, "Blackberries and Cream" by Eoen in Scott/Logan, "Oral Fixations" by Eoen in Scott/Logan, "Through His Eyes" by Vera in Scott/Logan, "Sweet Insanity" by Eoen in Scott/Other M, "Moving On" by Eoen in Scott/Other M and "Let's Give Them Something to Talk About" by Eoen in Scott/Other M

20/10/2007, 15:20: Fixed broken links on links page and on Scott/Logan fanfic page. 2 poems added. New fanfic added: "Dark Love" by tacobell1 in Scott/Rogue, "The button down mind" by asitiswhenitwas in Scott, "Weddings" by WCUGirl in Scott/Logan, "Sensations" by Titti in Scott/Logan, "Christmas Gifts" by Titti in Scott/Logan, "Moving On" by Titti in Scott/Logan, "Bets" by Titti in Scott/Logan, "School Trips" by Titti in Scott/Logan, "Traffic" by Sionnain in Scott, "Valentines, the destroyer by Sionnain in Scott, "Lesson Plans by Sionnain in Scott, "Light from out the lurid sea by Sionnain in Scott, "Resting Place by Sionnain in Scott, "Reflective by Sionnain in Scott, "After Life" by karabair in Scott, "With Coffee Spoons" by karabair in Scott, "Courage" by karabair in Scott, "Imbalance" by karabair in Scott, "Two Households" by karabair in Scott, "Phoenix: Lovesong The J Alfred Prufrock Mix" by karabair in Scott, "20 Things You Might Not Know about Scott Summers" by karabair in Scott, "Somewhere to Be" by karabair in Scott, "But We Aren't French" by karabair in Scott, "The E Street Band" by karabair in Scott, "Boys" by karabair in Scott, " Mitzvah" by karabair in Scott, "Brief Kissing Incidents" by karabair in Scott, "Old School" by karabair in Scott, " Four Things Emma Might Find in Scott's Brain" by karabair in Scott, "Most Rare Vision" by karabair in Scott, " Hell of a Thing" by karabair in Scott, "The Busy Griefs" by karabair in Scott, "SharpDressed Men" by karabair in Scott, "Sixteen" by karabair in Scott and "A Drink Before the War" by karabair in Scott. Please note that a few (2 I think) of karabair's fics have undertones of slash (Scott/Logan and/or Xavier/Magneto) though all are archived under the general Scott section so just read the fic headers, ratings and summeries as always. You should all be old enough to play by these simple rules. Happy reading!

15/01/2008, 20:55: "Fellowship Of Heroes" - a 300 pages X-men/LOTR crossover novel - is out as a zine (see Scott Summmers fanfic section). More info on the fanfiction page

04/03/2008, 20:00: By request Cristina Harmon's story "The Way You Make Me Feel" has been removed. Please remember to send feedback to authors. New fics: "The Dance" by Cricket24 in Scott/Logan, "Let Him Go" by Cricket24 in Scott/Other M, "Night of Changes" by Miss Maia in Scott/Jean, "Old Love, New Story" by Miss Maia in Scott/Jean, "Why JOTT should be JOTT" by Miss Maia in Scott/Jean, "Sorry is in the Air" by Miss Maia in Scott/Jean, "Scott, Jean and the Wardrobe" by Miss Maia in Scott/Jean, "Who Killed Santa?" by Miss Maia in Scott/Jean and "Bubbles" by Miss Maia in Scott/Jean. I have helped release an Alexander slash zine. Read more about it here: http://nadjalee.livejournal.com/64243.html

14/12/2008, 11:54: This webpage has moved to a new address; please update your bookmarks! I have released a LOTR novel (one is a slash version of the story with Boromir/Aragorn and one is a gen version with canon pairings). Read more about it here: http://nadjalee.livejournal.com/70920.html

RL is still heavy. So, if someone wants to help out on this page, mainly with finding fanfic for me, then I'll greatly appreciate the help. You need no HTML knowledge, just time and a desire to help out (oh, and of course you need to be willing to follow my instructions but don't worry; they're easy enough). E-mail me if you're interested in keeping this page up to date with the latest Scott/Cyclops fics and I'll explain your duties as my assistant. Come on….I promise not to bite…unless you want me to that is *EG*

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